Church History

Psalm 118:14

"The Lord is my strength and song,
and is become my salvation."

The History of
Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Grace Missionary Baptist Church of Wyandotte, Michigan was organized into an Independent New Testament Baptist Church on December 7, 1968 at its present location (1812 Oak Street, Wyandotte, Michigan) with 32 charter members, under the authority of Flat Rock Baptist Church of Flat Rock, Michigan;  Brother Leonard Varner was the Pastor of Flat Rock at that time.  The Pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church was voted to be Brother Richard Woodby.

Flat Rock Baptist Church was organized under the authority of the Friendship Baptist Church of Lincoln Park, Michigan on December 2, 1951.  Brother Varner was its first Pastor; Brother Alton Morgan was Pastor at Friendship at that time.

Friendship Baptist Church was organized in March 1944 under the authority of the Grace Baptist Church of Warren.  It was originally organized with 14 members in a store front building on Fort Street.  Brother Orrie Angal was the first Pastor; Brother B. G. Audebon was the pastor of Grace at this time.

Grace Baptist Church of Warren was organized in 1937 under the authority of the Liberty Baptist Church out of Mayfield, Kentucky.  The Church was located at 7107 Rivard, Warren, Michigan.

The Liberty Baptist Church was organized under the authority of the First Missionary Baptist Church (apparently also known as Flat Creek Baptist Church) in Flat Creek, Tennessee.

The First Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1784 out of the Newport Baptist church in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Newport Baptist Church was organized in 1638 with Brother John Clark as Pastor.  Newport Baptist Church was the first Baptist Church in America and was organized under the authority of the First Particular Baptist Church of London, England, with John Spilsbury as the Pastor.  Though Roger Williams had a worshipping congregation already in Providence, Rhode Island at the time, it had no creed and had not been properly organized as a Baptist Church.  Therefore, John Clark was America’s first Baptist Pastor, and the founder of the expanding movement which was to become the largest non-Roman Catholic group of churches in the United States.

The First Particular Baptist Church of London actually got its beginning from a strong Calvinistic Independent Baptist Church in London in 1616.  However, that church went into heresy, leaving their principles of separation and administering baptism to infants, so John Spilsbury and twenty men and women and diverse others separated themselves from this heretic church and believing that their former baptism of infants was not valid, they received a new baptism as believers (by sprinkling) and were formed into what they thought was a New Testament church on September 12, 1633.

However, the more this church studied the scriptures, the more they became convinced that the proper mode of baptism was by immersion only and hearing that there was, in the Netherlands, an ancient Baptist Church which practiced it, they sent their elder to be instructed in that mode and be immersed himself and to receive authority from that church to be organized into a scriptural New Testament church.  This was done in the Dutch Baptist Church of which John Batte was the teacher.  It was then that this elder of the Church in England returned home and immersed his fellow elder, Samuel Blacklock, and they two baptized the remaining members; 53 in number by this time.

The First Particular Baptist Church of London is now 353 years old and still continues in Church Hill, Walthamstow in East London.  Its first meeting place was at Old Gravel Lane, Wapping, also in East London.

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